Current Projects

Vector SLAM


Indoor environments contain many linear features. We can exploit this structure to extract stable, lightweight features, to develop fast, accurate, and robust SLAM systems

Infallible HAC


Perceptual systems gain efficiency when they can re-use intermediate results for different inference tasks. Combining Infallible Classification and  HAC, we can get multi-level inference, and perform causal analysis between hierarchy levels.

Smart Databases for Robotic Perception


Have you ever had to play through an entire ROS bag file just to find the half dozen frames where your robot did something wrong? What if you could just load your log in a database, give it an example, and let it find all the relevant data....

A Survey on Continuous Multi-Agent Opponent Modeling


Opponent Modeling has been a field of interest for a long time. However, as more systems begin operating in continuous domains, we need a critical look at the body of data-driven OM work.

Ethical Decision Making and the Contract Alignment Problem


Robots and other AI systems often use MDPs to decide which actions to take. However, specifying the proper reward function is both difficult and rarely ....

Under NDA :(


I can post here when the product launches.

Past Projects

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